La Mesa Rehab

La Mesa Rehab is the only CORF in San Diego.

What is a CORF?

A Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) is a medical facility that provides outpatient diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative services for rehabilitation from injury, disability, or sickness. At La Mesa Rehab we offer

In simple terms, we are your one-stop shop for all your rehabilitation needs.

Our approach to rehabilitation uses Functional Training and Interval Training, this means we tailor and progress your therapy to get you back to the activities you enjoy and need to perform to live strong and independently.


La Mesa Rehab Team

Our wonderful team of specialists are friendly, knowlegable, and dedicated to providing the top #1 service in all of San Diego.

La Mesa Rehab COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) makes breathing increasingly more difficult. But it develops slowly over many years, and you may not be aware you have it at first.

La Mesa Rehab Yelp reviews

  •   I've been to La Mesa Rehab for several sessions for my COPD.  Their therapeutic approach includes both pulmonary and physical exercises.  They also have a salt chamber to reduce mucus... read more

    thumb Elliott L.

      I had a very severe tibial plateau and a torn meniscus to boot . When I came here after none weight bearing for 14 weeks the atrophy in my right... read more

    thumb Glen H.

      I have recently started my therapy for my COPD with La Mesa Rehab. I was a smoker but have quit many years ago. My doctor said I would benefit from... read more

    thumb Joyce C.
  •   This place is amazing if you need physical or respiratory rehabilitation.  I am in the health care business and was not even aware of "respiratory rehab", until my mom (Marge)... read more

    thumb Sandi I.

      It is an unique reran that treats people with lungs problems and actually helps them get better. They graduate after with more lung capacity and sometimes without have to use... read more

    thumb Shirley F.

      The La Mesa Rehab team are all amazing. The whole team is knowledgeable, personable and great to work with. They do a fantastic job with patient care.

    thumb Oscar P.
  •   I got muscle spasms on my lower back, pain started to go down except for my lower right side.  Workers comp referred me to La mesa rehab 12 sessions and... read more

    thumb Jeanette P.

      Friendly staff, always make me feel comfortable when I'm here, I get relaxed when I'm in the building, it's not a normal feeling for me to be so comfortable. Theres... read more

    thumb Bryce K.

      The staff at La Mesa Rehab is incredible! From Cherie's welcoming smile to Trina and Richard's kindness and dedication to making you stronger, my entire experience here was fantastic. At... read more

    thumb Tandis N.

Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

we welcome the chance to serve you.

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