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Meet others with lung disease diagnoses for support, encouragement, and learning the tools you need to live your best quality of life. Better Breathers Club (BBC), features educational presentations on wide range of relevant topics from oxygen use, medications, and therapy options to improve your breath. Meetings are led by an American Lung Association trained facilitator.


• Breathing techniques

• Therapy for your lungs

• Medications and other treatment options

• Supplemental oxygen: equipment use and care

• Lung transplants

Meeting every last Thursday
of each month @ 1:00pm!

*Days are subject to change (Call Library)


Email: BBCLaMesaRehab@gmail.com



Health & Wellness Library
9001 Wakarusa Street, La Mesa, CA 91942
(Behind Grossmont Hospital)

Phone: 619-619-5010

Better Breathers Club

on the ALA website

The “Better Breathers Club” page on the American Lung Association’s website provides an overview of their support program for individuals with lung diseases like COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and asthma. It emphasizes the role of these clubs in offering education, support, and social connections through in-person and virtual meetings. The page details the benefits of joining, including access to expert information and peer support, and explains how to find and participate in a local club or become a facilitator.

More Information

Better Breathers Club Facilitator Q&A

This blog post, “Q&A With a Better Breathers Club Facilitator”, on the American Lung Association’s website features an interview with Sandy Kistner, a respiratory therapist and facilitator of a Better Breathers Club. It sheds light on the experiences and motivations behind facilitating these support groups for people with chronic lung diseases. The post discusses the activities and impact of these clubs, emphasizing the importance of education and peer support in managing lung conditions.

Full Blog Post

Lung Health & Diseases

The “Lung Health & Diseases” section of the American Lung Association’s website is a comprehensive hub for information on various lung conditions, their symptoms, causes, and treatments. It offers educational resources on maintaining lung health, understanding how lungs function, recognizing lung disease symptoms, and details about lung procedures and treatments. This section serves as a valuable guide for individuals seeking to understand and manage lung health issues.

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